Check Out This Traffic Map Of People Trekking To The Eclipse

This map shows live traffic conditions. It’s likely to get ugly.

According to one estimate, up to 7.4 million people will travel to the 70-mile wide swath stretching across the US where on Aug. 21 the moon will briefly blot out the sun. Traffic cops across the 12 states in the eclipse’s path are preparing for a monumental snarl-up.

To help you plan your journey — or to give you a feeling of schadenfreude if you decided to stay at home — we’ve made this map showing the path of the total eclipse and live traffic conditions from Google.

Use the search box to zoom in to any location, and refresh the page to get an updated map:

Peter Aldhous for BuzzFeed News / Via Eclipse track from Xavier Jubier

State officials urge eclipse watchers not to make a difficult situation even worse. “Don’t stop on the interstate. Don’t stop on the shoulder,” Jeni Lautenschlager, a spokesperson for the Nebraska Department of Transportation, told BuzzFeed News.

“Our big concern is getting emergency vehicles to emergencies,” said Bill Fugate, a spokesperson for the Oregon State Police.

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