33 Chairs That Can Be Compared To Facebook

So Facebook thinks it's a chair. This is actually starting to make a lot of sense.

1. The Snorlax Beanbag Chair

2. Jens Quistgaard Casserole Dish

3. Child's Throne Style Armchair

4. The Cedar Wood Maui Lounge Chair

5. A Rustic Backyard Bench

6. DIY Cottage Chair Makeover

7. The XXL Chair

8. Salvaged Boxy Chair

9. Upcycled Dining Chair Swing

10. The Hunter Storage Bench

11. Adrenalina Baby Room Chair

12. The Fishbol Bookshelf Chair

13. The Hand Chair

14. The Painted Turquoise Chair

15. The Rocking Chair

16. The Updated Cast Iron Couch

17. Sebastian Wrong and Richard Woods Chair

18. The Pasha Chair by Pedrali

19. The Liisi Beckmann Karelia Armchair

20. Vintage Chair from Etsy

21. The Ernesto Nato Chair

22. Taxidermy Sheep Chair

23. The Laughing Buddha Chair

24. The Firewood Chair


26. The Hand-Knitted Sweater Chair

27. The "Black Hole" Chair

28. The Skull Chair

29. The Self-Sustainable Chair

30. Man-Supported Chair

31. The "Artist" Chair

32. This Art Installation


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