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33 Chairs That Can Be Compared To Facebook

So Facebook thinks it's a chair. This is actually starting to make a lot of sense.

Posted on October 4, 2012, at 4:55 p.m. ET

1. The Snorlax Beanbag Chair

Because it is a Pokemon.

2. Jens Quistgaard Casserole Dish

Because it's also a casserole dish.

3. Child's Throne Style Armchair

Because it has fat arms.

4. The Cedar Wood Maui Lounge Chair

Because they look like those weird beans that no one ever eats.

5. A Rustic Backyard Bench

Because it is dry, weathered, and cracked.

6. DIY Cottage Chair Makeover

Because it is a "stool."

7. The XXL Chair

Because it's lumpy.

8. Salvaged Boxy Chair

Because it is made of boxes.

9. Upcycled Dining Chair Swing

Because it just hangs.

10. The Hunter Storage Bench

Because it has an ugly brown cushion.

11. Adrenalina Baby Room Chair

Because it's "funky."

12. The Fishbol Bookshelf Chair

Because it's uncomfortable, and that's okay. Because it is also a bookshelf.

13. The Hand Chair

Because it cups your ass in a friendly, inviting way.

14. The Painted Turquoise Chair

Because you can put dogs on it.

15. The Rocking Chair

Because it rocks (when old people sit in them.)

16. The Updated Cast Iron Couch

Because it used to be a bathtub.

Or maybe it still is??

17. Sebastian Wrong and Richard Woods Chair

Because it camouflages nicely against a brick wall.

18. The Pasha Chair by Pedrali

Because it is transparent, much like Facebook's privacy settings and terms of service.

19. The Liisi Beckmann Karelia Armchair

Because it looks like blood dripping upside down.

20. Vintage Chair from Etsy

Because it's done in a sort of modernist style from 1970's Mexico.

21. The Ernesto Nato Chair

Because it conforms to the contours of your body.

22. Taxidermy Sheep Chair

Because 3 sheep had to die in order for it to be created.

23. The Laughing Buddha Chair

Because it has manboobs.

24. The Firewood Chair

Because you can store your firewood in it and that is very convenient.


Because when a gummy bear sits in it, it takes on human properties.

26. The Hand-Knitted Sweater Chair

Because it is cozy and warm, but it will also leave a weird imprint on your butt and thighs.

27. The "Black Hole" Chair

Because "black hole" is a metaphor for "Facebook newsfeed."

28. The Skull Chair

Because it is a human litter box.

29. The Self-Sustainable Chair

Because you can jog in it.

30. Man-Supported Chair

Because it is a fusion between man and machine.

31. The "Artist" Chair

Because it's not actually a chair.

32. This Art Installation

Because there are ONE BILLION chairs!!!


Because Pandas.