Poll: Voters Say Conduct Of Trump — And Anti-Trump Protesters — Hasn't Been Appropriate

A majority of respondents to a recent poll did not believe President Trump's behavior in office was appropriate, but also didn't condone the behavior of those protesting him.

WASHINGTON — Voters are critical of both President Donald Trump and the people protesting him, according to a new poll.

A majority of 1,200 respondents survey said Donald Trump's conduct in office has been inappropriate, but a majority said anti-Trump protesters have also acted inappropriately.

The PredictWise and Pollfish survey received responses from 1,200 people on Feb. 22 through online and in-app polling methods. Economist David Rothschild, from` PredictWise, said he does not report margins of error because he does “not believe it can be accurately estimated.”

BuzzFeed News worked with PredictWise on designing the exclusive poll as part of a regular partnership.

A slim majority of 52% disagreed with the appropriateness of Trump's behavior in office while only 36% approved of it. Women were more likely to be critical, with only 28% agreeing that Trump had acted appropriately compared to 45% among men.

Younger people were less likely to say that Trump has acted appropriately, as were non-white people. Of white respondents, 43% said Trump had acted appropriately compared to 21% of Latino respondents and 13% of Black respondents.

But despite these numbers, people were still critical of anti-Trump protesters, with only 31% agreeing their conduct was appropriate and 57% disagreeing.

These results break down predictably among party lines. Republicans are far more likely to approve of Trump's conduct and to disapprove of protester conduct (83% disapproval) than Democrats (37%).

Trump was trusted by 86% of Republicans surveyed but just 20% of Democrats.

The poll also uncovered a large age divide where younger people are much less trusting of politicians in general. Whereas Trump is trusted by 52% of people aged 55 or older, that number drops to 32% among the 18-24 age range.

While both Republicans and Democrat respondents largely agreed that all Americans should be freely able to criticize the president, a majority of Republicans opposed criticism of the president by legal immigrants.

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