People Presumably Died After Drinking Every Time One Of The Candidates Interrupted The Other

Imma let you finish your drink.

It must have seemed like a good idea at the time. A lot of people apparently decided to spice up the first presidential debate Monday by drinking every time one of the candidates interrupted the other.

#DebateNight take a shot every time Trump interrupts Clinton.

Take a shot every time trump interrupts Hillary

Me: ok im finally home! What's the game? Roomies: China, Mexico, "let me tell you" and every time Trump interrupts Hillary #debatenight

Many, many people took to Twitter to announce they were drinking for every interruption. Well Trump interrupted Clinton a lot, so worst case scenario, they're dead now.

Man if we were playing the "have a drink everytime Trump interrupts" game right now I'd be on floor by now…

Best case scenario, they'll wish they were dead tomorrow morning.

Who else is taking shots when trump interrupts Hillary?

After a civil opening, a rain of interruptions poured down. It was seldom that a few minutes would go by without someone interrupting, usually Trump.

The interruptions ended up becoming more of the focus than the subjects being discussed.

Every time Trump interrupts Hillary

Every time he interrupts. #DebateNight

Every time he interrupts with "WRONG" I think: someone please get her a vuvuzela.

What I imagine goes through his head every time he interrupts her

Trump even interrupts himself. Finish a sentence! #PresidentialDebate

every time trump interrupts Hillary an angel loses its wings #cosidebate2016

Clinton did some of her own jumping in, but for the most part she smiled and made faces at the camera.

Why is Hilary looking into the camera like she's on The Office

Trump also frequently talked over moderator Lester Holt, prompting a lot of criticism that Holt wasn't doing enough to keep control.

We now go live to Lester Holt at Hofstra.

Lester Holt sitting there like.... #debatenight

In the end, some said maybe the answer was Holt was also busy playing the drinking game.


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