These People Attended The Re-Opening Of The Bataclan A Year After The Paris Attacks

"To celebrate life."

The Bataclan theater re-opened on Saturday for its first concert since dozens of music fans were gunned down inside the venue during the Paris terror attacks one year ago.

Sting paid tribute to the victims before a crowd of people who had come to see the rock star perform, but also to commemorate the anniversary.

Sting arrive, la salle est en délire #Bataclan

BuzzFeed News asked the concertgoers what motivated them to come to the Bataclan's re-opening. Here's what they said:

"To celebrate life" — Inès

Paul Aveline / BuzzFeed News

"Life and Sting" — Jonathan.

Paul Aveline / BuzzFeed News

"France re-opens the Bataclan and long live us!" — Patrick Pelloux

Paul Aveline / BuzzFeed News

Patrick Pelloux, a physician who used to write for Charlie Hebdo and treated the magazine's staff after the Jan. 7, 2015 attacks on their office, was at the Bataclan on Saturday to lend a hand to the security teams.

"Music is life" — Sandra

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"This is where my heart remains bound by blood" — Jesse Hughes

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Hughes and his band the Eagles of Death Metal were playing at the Bataclan on the evening of Nov. 13, 2015, when terrorists attacked the concert hall.

Hughes said he wanted to visit the Bataclan on Saturday night "to not miss the re-opening."

One report indicated the Eagles of Death Metal had been barred from attending Sting's set, but the band's manager denied this in a statement to Billboard, saying Hughes did not try to enter the venue.

Speaking to BuzzFeed News outside the Bataclan, Hughes indicated it was "too hard" for him to go inside the theater, but that he had come to "see it in real life."

"Because I love the Bataclan!" — Johanne

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"Paris is back" — Alberto

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"Life is Rock and Roll" — Jen and Laure

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"❤️ Sting ❤️ Paris" — Angie

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David Mack contributed translation to this report.