These Celebrities Are Taking Selfies To Raise Awareness Of An LGBT Helpline

The London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard is Britain's leading support service for LGBT+ people. Celebrities, along with members of the public, are posting pictures to promote it.

The London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard, a helpline for LGBT people in the UK, has just launched a campaign to help promote the service using #SwitchboardSelfie.

A host of celebrities have got involved, and hundreds of members of the public are joining in too.

Here's Tom Daley's contribution:

I'm helping @switchboardLGBT by sharing my #SwitchboardSelfie. Show your support too at :)

Carly Rae Jepsen took a selfie with G-A-Y promoter Jeremy Joseph (and his dog).

Join me, @carlyraejepsen & Jacob, supporting @switchboardLGBT with your own #switchboardselfie

Ginger Minj from RuPaul's Drag Race has leant her support too.

OohLaLaLaLa! Found another @TheGingerMinj #SwitchboardSelfie Pout game on point! @switchboardLGBT

Actor and writer Mark Gatiss, star of The League of Gentleman, did a joint selfie with his husband, fellow actor Ian Hallard.

Here are @Markgatiss & me with our #SwitchboardSelfie for @switchboardLGBT. More info here

Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills has joined in.

Sharing my #SwitchboardSelfie to support @switchboardLGBT.. Show yours too at

Lots of trans guys have got involved too, like Switchboard patron Lewis Hancox, star of Channel 4's My Transsexual Summer.

Proud to announce I'm a patron for the amazing @switchboardLGBT! Sharing my #SwitchboardSelfie

And the artist, activist, and filmmaker Fox Fisher.

#SwitchboardSelfie 4 relaunch: Soon! A film w/ @CalumMcSwiggan, @MrLewzer & I #ProudPatrons

Trans campaigner and blogger Leng Montgomery said the Switchboard has "been invaluable in times of need".

Here's my (call me maybe) #SwitchboardSelfie in support to @switchboardLGBT - its been invaluable in times of need.

YouTube star and LGBT advocate Calum McSwiggan has fronted the campaign posting selfies as well as a series of YouTube videos.

I'm very proud to announce an entire month of LGBT collaboration videos! #SwitchboardSelfie

Switchboard wants to reach out to as many young LGBT people as possible, so lots of teenagers have joined in with the hashtag selfies, like this guy.

I'm helping @switchboardLGBT by sharing my #SwitchboardSelfie. Show your support too at 👨‍❤️‍👨

And this blogger.

Here is me sharing my #SwitchboardSelfie in support of @switchboardLGBT

This 16-year-old too.

I'm supporting @switchboardLGBT with my #SwitchboardSelfie 😅😜💪☺

And this guy.

@CalumMcSwiggan Here's my contribution to the #SwitchboardSelfie Love from NYC 😊

These women too...

The selfies are being taken in all kinds of locations. This guy was outside the Waldorf hotel.

My #SwitchboardSelfie outside @WaldorfHilton1. Join us 25 June & see if we hit 10,000 selfies!

This student was in the library having a break from studying.

My @switchboardLGBT #SwitchboardSelfie . A welcomed break from revising in the Library. #ShowingMySupport

This woman was in France.

I'm helping @switchboardLGBT by sharing my #SwitchboardSelfie. "How do you mean, I look scary ?"

And this woman was in Austria.

little help from Austria #SwitchboardSelfie @switchboardLGBT

People from every walk of life have been joining in. Like this photographer.

Show your support! #SwitchboardSelfie @switchboardLGBT

This musician used his French Horn rather than his hand.

Helping @switchboardLGBT by spreading the news! Here's my #SwitchboardSelfie 👬👭

This man was in his leathers when he tweeted his selfie.

I'm helping @switchboardLGBT with my #SwitchboardSelfie #BLUF #LeatherUniform #GayLeather

And this Switchboard patron was by the Thames.

Proud to announce I'm Patron for the amazing @switchboardLGBT ! Sharing my #SwitchboardSelfie

The helpline was set up in 1974, since when it has been helping LGBT people deal with a huge range of issues, providing emotional and sometimes practical support around coming out, HIV/AIDS, discrimination, bullying, mental health problems, and hate crimes.

Each year 15,000 people use the helpline and associated online services. The London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard hopes that by promoting what it does on social media, more LGBT people will ask for help when they need it most.

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