Cardiff University Cancels Dapper Laughs Gig After Student Petition

The decision was taken after more than 700 students signed a petition calling for the comedian's gig to be called off.

Dapper Laughs, the star of Vine and ITV's On The Pull, has been told he can't perform a gig at Cardiff University next year after a student protest.

A petition launched last week, titled "Ban Dapper Laughs' Show", called for the gig to be cancelled and gained more than 700 signatures.

I am really pleased with the outcome of the situation – more than anything it has opened up a discussion around campus surrounding gender equality and feminism and that is fantastic.Dehumanising women and normalising sexual assault and harassment has become all too common in modern society and as a young woman this has never been more prominent in my life. Some people need to realise it was never a direct attack on Dapper Laughs, but instead targeting the issue of creating a safe space for liberation groups and minority voices on campus and an academic institution that upholds policies surrounding lad culture and sexual assault was not the right place for his "humour."

Dapper, real name Daniel O'Reilly, has emerged as the most famous UK Vine star, leading to sell-out stand-up comedy tours and his own show on ITV2.

His stand-up dates next year will follow the sold-out "Socially Unacceptable" residency in London and Manchester and the 14-date "Proper Moist" tour earlier this year. He's also released a single, "Proper Moist", which reached 15 in the iTunes chart.

If you're wondering what the fuss is about, here's just a short clip of him performing in Birmingham in February 2014.

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Dapper has been the subject of strong criticism – including this excoriating, and widely shared, article by filmmaker Lee Kern – yet he remains hugely popular.

His Facebook page has 1.7 million fans and he has 600,000 Vine followers, a very large amount for a UK viner.

In what could be interpreted as a move to soften his uber-lad image, he's donating the proceeds of his Christmas single, "Proper Naughty Christmas", to a homelessness charity.

If you want to have a giggle & help the homeless get on this, bit of comedy and a few songs!

The accompanying Proper Naughty Christmas album contains an acoustic version of "Proper Moist", which is for Dapper Laughs completists only.

None of this seems to bother Dapper himself, however.

Quality how one cheeky smile can put you in a cracking mood all day.

We contacted Dapper's management last week about this story and they declined to comment.

We've asked them again and will update should they say anything.

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