David Bowie Mourned On Newspaper Front Pages Around The World

The music legend died Sunday after an 18-month battle with cancer. Here's how the world's newspapers reported his death.

1. The Times of London (U.K.)

The Times of London / Via Twitter: @thetimes

2. The Independent (U.K.)

3. The Guardian (U.K.)

The Guardian / Via Twitter: @guardian

4. The Sun (U.K.)

Sky News / Via Twitter: @SkyNews

5. Metro (U.K.)

6. The Daily Telegraph (U.K.)

7. Daily Mail (U.K.)

8. Irish Examiner (Ireland)

9. The Courier Mail (Australia)

10. Daily Mirror (U.K.)

Daily Mirror / Via en.kiosko.net

11. Corriere Della Sera (Italy)

Corriere Della Sera / Via en.kiosko.net

12. International New York Times

New York Times / Via en.kiosko.net

13. Libération (France)

Libération / Via en.kiosko.net

14. Die Tageszeitung (Germany)

Die Tageszeitung / Via en.kiosko.net

15. i (U.K.)

i / Via en.kiosko.net

16. Le Monde (France)

Le Monde / Via en.kiosko.net

17. Frankfurter Allgemeine (Germany)

Frankfurter Allgemeine / Via en.kiosko.net

This story will be updated as additional front pages are published.