White Residents Attacked A Black Teen's Car And Told Him To Get Out Of Their Neighborhood

Two men were arrested on suspicion of battery and property damage in Sanford, Florida, after confronting the 16-year-old in the street as he drove through.

Two white men were arrested in Florida after they verbally harassed a Black teen and damaged his car as he drove through their affluent neighborhood, an attack that was recorded and went viral after it was posted on social media.

The confrontation occurred in Sanford, the same city where Trayvon Martin was fatally shot 10 years ago.

On June 14, Donald Corsi, 52, and Howard Hughes, 62, both white men, confronted 16-year-old Jermaine Jones in the street as he drove his white Mercedes through their neighborhood. During the confrontation, one of the men allegedly threw a stone at Jermaine's back window, shattering it. A traffic cone was also thrown at the car and left a big dent in the side.

A white man in a mug shot

In the video recorded by Jermaine as he called the police, one of the men who appears to be Corsi is seen yelling at the camera, "Tell 'em what you were doing. Burning out racing through my fucking neighborhood."

A white man in a mug shot

"Get out of my neighborhood, fuckwad," he adds.

During the 911 call, which was provided to BuzzFeed News, Jermaine told the operator that he "wasn't supposed to be driving like that," but that "a guy ran in front of the road, hit my car with a cone, threw a rock through my front windshield, and I knew something happened.

"They trying to pull guns on us too."

In his caption for the video he posted to Instagram, Jermaine said he was racially profiled while driving through a friend's neighborhood.

"They didn’t like the way I was driving, so they felt the need to hit my car with a cone, and throw a rock through my window," he wrote. "All I wanted to do was de-escalate until police came, because I wasn’t about to get charges pressed on me for no reason."

In the background of the 911 call, the men can also be heard yelling.

"You morons come through the neighborhood," one of them says in the background. "No respect. This is a neighborhood where little kids play and you come running out here. You think you're a race car driver."

According to police, the damage was done to the car while both Jermaine and his friend, 15-year-old Bailey Kennedy, were inside — the "large stone with sharp edges" that shattered the window was in the backseat when officers arrived at 5:48 p.m.

Both Corsi and Hughes were arrested on suspicion of damage to property and battery.

Ten years have passed since George Zimmerman followed Martin through a neighborhood in Sanford and fatally shot him, later saying that he thought Martin looked suspicious. Zimmerman was charged with second-degree murder but was ultimately found not guilty.

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