We Want To Know If You Have Complicated Feelings About Your Pandemic Pet

We’re looking to talk to people whose changing schedules have affected pet care.

As people start heading back into the workplace in greater numbersand more frequently — the dynamic between them and their pets adopted during the height of the pandemic is changing. And according to some people who’ve vented on social media, that can be extremely challenging.

Many of these so-called pandemic pets don’t know life without their owner by their side. And those adopted before 2020 may no longer remember what it was like to be left alone all day.

So we want to hear from you: How has your relationship with your pandemic pet changed since you've started leaving home for work? Do you regret adopting your pet? Has the erosion of working from home created lifestyle hassles you never anticipated?

Fill out this form, and we might contact you to hear more. We may use your responses in a story.

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