"The Daily Show" Compared Pakistan's New Prime Minister To Donald Trump And People Are Upset

"Please do some research," one commenter implored the Comedy Central show.

This is Imran Khan. He is Pakistan’s new prime minister, as of a vote in parliament scheduled to take place on Friday morning.

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He used to be a world-famous cricket player.

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(Cricket is like baseball, but more boring. Sorry, not sorry.)

Back in the day Khan had a playboy persona, and he has multiple ex-wives — one of whom wrote a book with some salacious claims about him last year.

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He was also accused of sexual harassment by politician Ayesha Gulalai Wazir in 2017. Wazir was viciously harassed and threatened for making the claim.

Since his retirement from cricket, he has remade himself into a socially conservative, nationalist politician.

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So, we’ve got a celebrity-turned-politician who has been accused of sexual harassment and uses brash rhetoric in front of massive crowds. Sound familiar? The Daily Show thought so and ran a segment on Tuesday night comparing him to Donald Trump.

The Daily Show wasn’t the first to draw the comparison — which is pretty superficial tbh — but people are MAD that they made it.

First of all, as some of the prime minister’s fans pointed out, Khan — unlike Trump — is not new to politics. He has more than 20 years of political experience and has served in the National Assembly twice.

They also pointed out that — unlike Trump — he has done some genuine philanthropic work.

@TheDailyShow @Trevornoah He has been a hero to his people as a Cricketer and has used his status to build a State of the Art cancer hospital in Pakistan. His conservative politics also align with the beliefs of the Country. So, in my humble opinion, he is nothing like Trump and brings hope to the region.

A lot of people thought Noah had taken various comments about Khan out of context and that the piece as a whole was poorly researched.

@TheDailyShow @Trevornoah buddy. This bit about Imran Khan was shocking. If you want to compare their speeches... maybe get your writers to listen to the entire clip. When IK says 'people love me, I have everything' and then goes on to say 'Im willing to sacrifice it all for the betterment...

Some people, though, felt like Noah had gotten it right. For one, Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari, who is the daughter of a former prime minister and a former president of Pakistan, said it was “hilariously true.”

It’s hilariously true but also incredibly alarming @Trevornoah on Pakistan’s new Donald Trump https://t.co/rGqRDiHN3k missed out the scariest aspect of him defending terrorists & terrorism. #ImranKhan #Pakistan

(Bhutto Zardari was outspoken in her support for the Pakistan Peoples Party over Khan's PT-I party during the election.)

But no matter how you feel, you can’t deny that they do have at least one thing in common:

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Comedy Central did not immediately respond to a BuzzFeed News request for comment.