This Sports League Shut Down Haters When Two Women's Rugby Players Kissed After Their Game

Some fans weren't happy about the affection between Karina Brown and her partner, Vanessa Foliaki, but sports officials quickly shut down the haters.

This is Karina Brown. She plays for the Australian women's rugby league team, the Jillaroos.

And this is Vanessa Foliaki. She plays rugby for the Jillaroos too.

Anddddd, they're dating!! It's extremely cute.

Brown's Instagram is full of adorable pics of them together, including this video where she voted YES for same-sex marriage in Australia's recent postal survey.

But they also play on opposing state rugby teams, and on Friday there was a really big game between Queensland and New South Wales. Dun! Dun! Dun!

So that means they had to play against each other! They said it was the biggest challenge in their relationship yet, according to an interview with

Brown even said Foliaki blocked her number when it got close to game time. 😬

"Karina is messaging me, and I'm like, 'She's a Queenslander,' and I put my phone away. She's a Queenslander and I want to beat her," Foliaki told

(Brown didn't immediately respond to a request for comment from BuzzFeed News).

Well, NSW won the game 16–10, but it looks like their relationship made it through unscathed, because afterward they celebrated with a kiss on the field.

The sweet moment was shared by rugby officials in Australia, drawing praise from many fans.

@WRugbyLeague @NSWRL @QLDmaroons Congrats girls! What magic memories you are making 🌈

@WRugbyLeague @NSWRL @QLDmaroons Best sports photo this year

@WRugbyLeague @NRL @NSWRL @QLDmaroons I think this is gorgeous,real emotion on an exciting night for women’s league.

And a bunch of people thanked the league for posting the photos.

@WRugbyLeague @NSWRL @QLDmaroons #LoveIsLove Thank you for posting this picture...

@WRugbyLeague @NSWRL @QLDmaroons This is so wonderful!! Thank you for being open and supportive!

Someone even said it should be a romantic comedy.

@WRugbyLeague @NSWRL @QLDmaroons This is beautiful.... It should also be the script for a romantic comedy.

But not everyone was happy. Some thought the kiss was inappropriate.

@WRugbyLeague @NSWRL @QLDmaroons This is mAking me somewhat ill🤮we don’t need to see this shit, seriously

@WRugbyLeague @NRL @NSWRL @QLDmaroons Yes great to see a women’s side , congrats to the game winner but the kids is totally unacceptable #ShameToSpoilTheOccassion

They said these "private gestures should be left off the field."

@WRugbyLeague @NSWRL @QLDmaroons These private gestures should be left off the field.

@WRugbyLeague @NSWRL @QLDmaroons Is there a code of conduct or a policy on acceptable behaviour for rugby players? At most workplaces, displays of public affection whether between partners or non-partners is unacceptable. Considering they were still on the pitch, the appropriateness of their kiss is arguable.

But the National Rugby League, which was recently recognized for its support of the LGBT community, hit back at the haters.

They wanted everyone to know they had Brown and Foliaki's backs. 💙💜💚💛❤️

Other fans said they're looking forward to the day when they see a kiss like this from the men's teams.

@WRugbyLeague @NRL @NSWRL @QLDmaroons God it would be awesome to see scenes like this after the blokes game!!! 🤼‍♂️🤼‍♂️

@WRugbyLeague @NRL @NSWRL @QLDmaroons Love is love ❤️ Can’t wait to see two of the male players do it. Then we will really know we’re getting places.

Still, while some had no problem with the two women kissing, they simply couldn't support kissing a Queenslander. 😂

@WRugbyLeague @NRL @NSWRL @QLDmaroons That is disgusting!!!! How can you kiss a Queenslander 😘

@WRugbyLeague @NSWRL @QLDmaroons Outrageous, I know, I don't know how she can kiss a Qlder. I guess she must be one of those rare people who can see beyond the State of a person...

So, welcome to 2018, everyone! And, happy Pride, y'all.


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