The Peloton Wife Is In A New Ad Spoofing The Exercise Bike Commercial And People Love It

"You're safe here."

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You've probably seen that vaguely unsettling Peloton ad — and all the memes about it — everywhere this holiday season, and the whole situation just gotten even more memeable thanks to Ryan Reynolds.

The actor tweeted a video for his Aviation Gin company Friday night with the caption "exercise bike not included." The video shows three women drinking gin at a bar and begins with a close-up shot of the woman in the middle — who just so happens to be the same actor who plays the wife in the now-infamous Peloton ad, Monica Ruiz.

"This gin is really smooth," she says flatly, with a glassy-eyed expression that indicates she may have Seen Some Shit.

"Yeah, we can get you another," one of her friends says to her reassuringly.

"You're safe here," says the other.

"To new beginnings," Ruiz's character announces before the three clink glasses and she proceeds to guzzle her entire cocktail glass of gin as her friends look on in concern.

Exercise bike not included. #AviationGin

"It's gonna be a fun night," one deadpans before sliding her another glass of gin.

"You look great by the way," the other is heard saying off-camera at the end of the video.

The video was also tweeted from the Aviation Gin Twitter account with the caption "This responsibly."

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It's all a play, of course, on the recent Peloton ad some people compared to a hostage video, in which a woman is surprised by her husband with the exercise bike for Christmas and (very briefly and very unsurely) documents herself using it for a year.

Aside from being widely memed because of the undeniable look of fear in the woman's eyes as she grimaces through her workout vlogs, the ad was also criticized by some for being sexist and promoting unhealthy messages about body image.

Nothing says “maybe you should lose a few pounds” like gifting your already rail thin life partner a Peloton

I *knew* I'd seen that #peloton face before!

The ad was so universally dunked-on that Peloton came out to defend it, saying it was "disappointed in how some have misinterpreted" it. The company's stock also tumbled 15% and market value fell $1.5 billion this week in response to the backlash, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Lmaaaaaaooooooo Peloton lady not only got paid twice but got to subtly roast Peloton WHILE getting paid

Requests for comment from Aviation Gin and the Peloton Wife actress were not immediately returned Saturday, but it appears a lot of people are really rooting for her.

This is the most incredible clapback I've *ever* seen, give this actress from the Peloton ad an Academy Award

I don’t make the rules but every commercial from now on must take place in the Peloton Bike Lady Cinematic Universe

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