The German Teens Who Made That Iconic TikTok Video Think It Might Be Nice For You To Learn Their Language

"idk wtf they sayin but this is sending me."

Listen, things have been pretty bleak lately, so do yourself a favor and watch this video of these fabulous German teens that people are just losing their minds over.

Idk wtf they sayin but this is sending me

The TikTok video was shared widely on Twitter this week, enthralling non–German speakers all over the internet.

Despite the language barrier, people couldn't get enough of these kids. A lot of people were LIVING for the energy of literally everyone in this video – especially the absolutely iconic blonde kid, Jonas, who conducts three interviews and references another famous TikTok video in a 25-second clip.

idk what she said but first girl fucking snapped

The von Trapp kids when Maria arrived

Augustus Gloop exposing Willy Wonka on the streets after being sucked up that tube

I don’t know what the fuck they’re saying but girl I am living

My two last gay brain cells. #tiktok #hussainchillt

In case you're wondering what exactly these teens are talking about, here's the gist of it:

“How many ex-boyfriends have you had, bitch?!” Jonas, aka the screaming blonde boy, asks a girl on the street.

“Bitch, look at me — look at what a beauty I am! Ten,” she replies (yes, queen!).

“Honey, how many ex-boyfriends have you had, bitch?” Jonas asks the next girl, who replies, “I’m too young to have a boyfriend.”

“Bitch, how many ex-boyfriends do you have?” @hussainchillt asks the last girl in the TikTok, who responds, “I don’t have an ex-boyfriend, bitch!”

The video was created by @hussainchillt, 18, who makes TikToks with his collaborator @eliochillt (who's not in this particular video), and Jonas, their 16-year-old friend.

The teens, who live in Cologne, Germany, and wanted to be identified by their TikTok handles, told BuzzFeed News they've been making videos for about six months.

They said they believe they've amassed millions of followers on the app because they are "different from other people in Germany."

"In Germany, people are sometimes afraid to fully be themselves," @hussainchillt said. "I am who I am. We are who we are and maybe that gives people permission to be themselves, too."

Jonas's larger-than-life personality on camera is true to how he is in real life, they said, explaining that they like including other people in their videos because it's more fun.

As for the girls in the video? They like participating "because they love me," @hussainchillt said, noting that the teens often improvise for their videos.

They both said it's funny that people loved the TikTok so much despite not knowing what they're saying in German. Still, @eliochillt said, "If they find it funny, maybe they should learn the language?"

Bitch — fair point!

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