These Men Think Feminism Is "The KKK Of Our Day"

In the season finale of Not Great, we dive into the manosphere.

A Trump supporter wears a blue, sweat-stained shirt decorated with American flags

Alas, our journey has come to an end — for now. It's time for the season finale of Not Great With Scaachi Koul. And good lord, this one's a doozy.

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This week, we meet the men involved in the 21 Summit, a three-day event where men teach other men how to be great, uphold the patriarchy, and also teach women how to be great again. (Unsurprisingly, it has a lot to do with traditional gender roles and popping out a couple of kids.)

We interview the founder of the 21 Summit, Anthony Johnson, as well as event speakers Michael Foster, Steve Brule, and George Bruno about feminism (bad), women in the military (bad?), and men's rights (necessary, apparently).

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