This Magazine Cover Of Donald Trump With A "Hitler Mustache" Has People Talking

"American fascist."

Letras Libres, a culture magazine based in Mexico, has put Donald Trump on the cover of its October issue with the words "American fascist" over his upper lip to mimic a "Hitler mustache."

The magazine's founder and editor, Enrique Krauze, is an outspoken critic of Trump and wrote a lengthy article for Slate about the Republican nominee's visit to Mexico in August, which he described as "a historical failure."

Some people thought the cover made its point even without a translation:

Others are praising the use of design to make a point:

Overall, the cover's graphic designer is getting a lot of props:

People are also comparing it to another cover by Canadian-based nonprofit magazine AdBusters:

Since Trump kicked off his presidential campaign, he's repeatedly vowed to build a wall between Mexico and the US, and has called Mexican immigrants rapists, criminals, and drug dealers. He has also argued that an American-born judge was unfit to oversee a civil case against Trump University because of his "Mexican heritage."

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