We Got 3D-Printed Into Action Figures And The Results Were Pretty On Point

Make a mini you for your boo.

From full-body scan to print, BuzzFeed News producers took the selfie to a whole other level when they got 3D replicas of themselves.

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Doob is a 3D tech company that can duplicate anyone into a tiny figurine.

First, you have to strike a pose in the doob-licator.

It takes less then a second for the scanner to take 54 pictures using 54 cameras.

The 3D-file is then sent to the production center to be printed.

And polished.

Finally the figurines are dipped into a solution to set.

After two to three weeks, you get your mini you shipped.

"If I were to get married, this would definitely go on the top of my cake," said Meghan Allen, BuzzFeed News Producer.


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