Trump’s Foreign Policy Is Foreign To The Republican Party

The BuzzFeed News politics podcast interviews the Republican national security advisors who are distancing themselves from Trump.

Republican national security experts usually spend election season advising their party's candidate on foreign policy issues. But this year, many are trying to distance themselves as far as they can from Donald Trump.

"I wouldn't trust Donald Trump to run the kitchen in a Wendy's, much less our nuclear arsenal," says former Jeb Bush national security policy advisor John Noonan.

Eric Edelman, a former ambassador to Turkey, Finland, and a onetime adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney, was one of 50 Republican national security figures to sign a letter opposing Donald Trump.

When asked about the prospect of advising a Trump presidency, Edelman said, "If you go to work in the Trump administration you're going to be tarred by everything he ever says or does in office, and I think a lot of people are agonizing over what the reputational consequences for them of that might be."

On this episode of No One Knows Anything BuzzFeed News' Tarini Parti and Rosie Gray take a look at Trump's foreign policy proposals that break with Republican politics.

You'll also hear from an Iraq war veteran and antiwar activist who won't be voting for Trump or Clinton this year. Plus: The failsafes that keep the President from unlawfully launching a nuclear attack.

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Guests: Republican National Security adviser John Noonan, former Ambassador Eric Edelman, and New Hampshire Peace Action Director Will Hopkins.

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