How Frog Memes Became A Tool For White Nationalists

On this week's No One Knows Anything podcast: the Alt-Right movement. What it is, where it came from, and how its influence on politics and pop culture is shaping the 2016 election.

On August 25th, Hillary Clinton gave a speech in Reno Nevada. In it, she linked Donald Trump to group that, until recently, has been mostly at the fringe of the 2016 presidential election: the Alt-Right, a white nationalist movement that uses particularly troll-y tactics; sharing racist memes on Reddit and 4chan, or harassing Jewish journalists on Twitter.

This episode of the BuzzFeed politics podcast No One Knows Anything takes a closer look at the Alt-Right and increasingly toxic internet culture it thrives on.

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Guests: BuzzFeed politics reporter Rosie Gray, politics editor Katherine Miller, and senior writer Charlie Warzel

  • It's the politics podcast from BuzzFeed News, hosted by Evan McMorris-Santoro. Featuring reporters from the BuzzFeed Politics team, voters and special guests, each episode of No One Knows Anything takes on the conventional wisdom about politics and explains how wrong it can be.

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