How Frog Memes Became A Tool For White Nationalists

On this week's No One Knows Anything podcast: the Alt-Right movement. What it is, where it came from, and how its influence on politics and pop culture is shaping the 2016 election.

On August 25th, Hillary Clinton gave a speech in Reno Nevada. In it, she linked Donald Trump to group that, until recently, has been mostly at the fringe of the 2016 presidential election: the Alt-Right, a white nationalist movement that uses particularly troll-y tactics; sharing racist memes on Reddit and 4chan, or harassing Jewish journalists on Twitter.

This episode of the BuzzFeed politics podcast No One Knows Anything takes a closer look at the Alt-Right and increasingly toxic internet culture it thrives on.

Listen to the full episode below, or subscribe to No One Knows Anything on iTunes.

Guests: BuzzFeed politics reporter Rosie Gray, politics editor Katherine Miller, and senior writer Charlie Warzel

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