Lady Gaga Surprised A Live Audience When She Asked Bradley Cooper To Come Up And Sing “Shallow”

“Mother Monster did not disappoint!”

Bradley Cooper joined Lady Gaga onstage Saturday night at her show in Las Vegas to perform the smash hit “Shallow” live.

Lady Gaga, who is currently on residency at the Park Theater in Las Vegas, has performed the song live before.

But Saturday night was a little different. Sitting down at the piano, Gaga said “a really good friend” of hers had come to the show. “I don’t know if you know him, but his name’s Bradley,” Gaga said. “He made that movie A Star Is Born?”

People quickly spotted Cooper in the audience, wearing a dark button-down shirt and a blue baseball cap.

“So, uh, I’m going to be a little chancey,” Gaga said. “Hey Bradley, do you want to come up and do this song with me?”


Bradley did, indeed, want to do that song with her.

Gaga and Cooper performed the song together, and Gaga also played the piano.

So @DCfilmgirl and I are in Vegas for the @ladygaga Enigma show and Bradley Cooper just jumped on stage to do “Shallow” live!!! Insane!!!

The award-winning track wowed viewers pretty much from the moment it appeared on the trailer to A Star Is Born. Gaga and Cooper play Ally and Jackson Maine, respectively, in the third remake of the film.

The movie, which Cooper directed, has picked up a string of nominations and awards. “Shallow” has already won a Golden Globe and has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

“Can’t believe we were there the 1 night Bradley Cooper came! 😭😭😭” lucyrozansky wrote on Instagram.

In response, commenter mmhoff wrote, “He sounds better than in the movie!”

“I have never screamed, clapped, and cried so hard at a concert ever before. I will forever hold this experience and memory very close to my heart,” michaeljchr wrote.

“Mother Monster did not disappoint!”

“Can’t stop thinking about these two 😍😭”

“I’ve got goosebumps!!!” commenter shivandrews wrote.

One person pointed out that this played out a little like that A Star Is Born scene in which Jackson invites Ally to sing with him onstage.

ok honestly the plot of A Star Is Born should have been Lady Gaga discovering Bradley Cooper in the audience of her Enigma show

We’re far from the shallow now!

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