Watch Students At This Puerto Rican School Celebrate The Power Coming Back On After 112 Days

"To see this reaction from students, it was amazing, but also kind of heartbreaking."

For 112 days after Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico, this school in San Juan had no electricity.

Academia Bautista de Puerto Nuevo

Then, last Tuesday, the power finally returned — and the school, the Academia Bautista de Puerto Nuevo, posted this video to show just how excited and relieved students and teachers were.

Academia Bautista de Puerto Nuevo

"It was a really amazing moment," Josué Gómez, the school's administrative director, told BuzzFeed News. "We can proudly say today that we made it, but it was very difficult."

The school reopened on Oct. 10, less than a month after the hurricane, but they had no power, and just a backup generator for air circulation in classrooms that didn't have natural ventilation.

"To see this reaction from students, it was amazing, but also kind of heartbreaking that kids were celebrating in this way for something that should be so basic," Gómez said.

For the 950 students at the school, the return of power doesn't necessarily mean things are back to normal.

Like 40% of Puerto Ricans, many of the school's teachers and students still don't have power in their homes.

"The effort that our teachers and our students put through this situation — it is amazing," Gómez said. "It's really amazing to see how teachers wake up every day to attend maybe 100 kids, and when they return to their homes they don't have these services either."

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