You Can Buy Snapchat's Spectacles Out Of A Yellow Vending Machine

The smart glasses have a built-in camera that can record 10-second snaps instantly.

The Snapbot, a yellow Minion-shaped vending machine, has popped up in Venice Beach, CA.

Snapbot is selling Snapchat's Spectacles, a $130 pair of glasses with a Snapchat-ready camera built-in.

At the @Snap Spectacles vending machine.

Currently, there is only one bot in Venice Beach, CA. The Los Angeles-based company plans to add more bots to the Bot Map (at the bottom of the page). The vending machines will appear on the map 24 hours before they show up at a location IRL.

Spectacles are currently only available for sale through Snapbots.

Here's what it's like to buy the Spectacles from the bot.

I just bought @Snap's Spectacles from the "Snapbot" in Venice. Very fun!

The bot features a screen with a special filters that shows you what the Spectacles will look like on you.

Snapchat spectacles at a pop-up kiosk in Venice sold out by 8am. Damn. At least can have some fun w the kudos camer…

You can unlock that Spectacles filter on Snapchat for 24 hours by snapping the QR code here.

The Spectacles keep selling out – but are actively being restocked.

I'll lose my mind if they sell out of @Spectacles. @Snapchat @Snap

People are already bidding between $553 and $1,500 for the Spectacles on eBay.

Here's what the Spectacles look like IRL.

@Spectacles are here! Who knew stylish sunnies could be functional? 💕 #socialmedia #snapinc #style

To start recording, you need to press a button on top of the camera built into the lenses. The ring around the camera will light-up when you start filming.

They come with a special charging case.

Snap Inc.'s @Spectacles come in a slick package with a case that charges them. Great design and keeping it fun is t…

One full charge equals about 100 10-second Snaps.

And also with a Ghostface Chillah-shaped microfiber cloth.

So happy that the world gets to see life through new lenses! Welcome @Spectacles 👻🤘🏾

The glasses film in a format called "circular video."

so far two of my snapchat friends have spectacles and the “circular” video concept is really well executed…

To look a Spectacles snap, you can tilt your phone to watch the video in landscape and vertical orientations.

Want one? Check the map here. Good luck! 👻

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