The Pixelbook Is A Fancy, Schmancy New Chromebook

The tablet-laptop hybrid has Google Assistant built in and works with a new stylus. Oh, and a brand-new, custom-built laptop version of Snapchat.

Today, Google introduced the Pixelbook: a new super-thin tablet and Chromebook laptop in one.

At 10 mm thin and 1 kilogram, it’s aimed at the ultra-light computer crowd. The 12.3-inch touchscreen LCD display has a density of 235 pixels per inch, and works with a new stylus called Pixelbook Pen sold separately, which, according to Google, has only 10 milliseconds of latency (Apple Pencil’s is 20 milliseconds). It's got up to 16 gigabytes of RAM and 512 gigabytes of storage. Google is touting a battery with 10 hours of use and a quick recharge (15 minutes of charge gives you back roughly two hours of battery life).

It'll be Google's first laptop with Google Assistant built in. There are some nifty new integrations as well, including Snapchat on your laptop. Google has partnered with the company for a custom laptop-screen version of the app for Pixelbook. And if you have a Google Pixel phone, there's a brand-new integration to "instant tether" your smartphone to your laptop in the event that there's no Wi-Fi.

It will cost $999 and the pen will be sold as an accessory for $99. The Pixelbook can be preordered today and will ship on Oct. 31.

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