This Is The Most Heartbreaking Finish Of The Olympics So Far

I'm not crying. You're crying.

This is Mara Abbott, a professional cyclist from Boulder, Colorado, who competed in the 2016 Rio Olympics women's road race on Sunday.

With a flat 10 kilometers ahead of her, Abbott was in the gold medal position, until a pack of three worked to overtake her.

In the final seconds of the race, with the finish line IN SIGHT, Abbott slipped from first to fourth place.

Here's a video of the final stretch.

❤️ if you agree, Mara Abbott (@cosunshinemka) is still a hero.

After Abbott's ride, she was immediately embraced by supporters and teammates.

A hug from an grateful teammate. @cosunshinemka credits @k_armstrong's early efforts for her near win. #ridewithUS

Fans sent heartful tweets Abbot's way.

Dear @cosunshinemka: You raced your heart out. You did everything you could. You made your country proud. Thank you for that. 🇺🇸 #Rio2016

One of the most inspiring rides I've ever seen. You rock #MaraAbbott #USA #RioOlympics2016

Hey Mara Abbott, I think you are f'ing awesome. Thank you for showing how rad women can be on bikes. cc: @cosunshinemka

Mara Abbott @cosunshinemka may not have won a medal, but your performance has won you the admiration of your country. #womenscycling

.@cosunshinemka rode like a champion today. #ridewithUS

In a post-race interview, Abbott was in miraculously good spirits. "You're just riding as hard as you can, and just concentrating on that," she said.

YOU GO, GIRL!!! Thanks for showing us what hard work looks like.

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