9 Calendar Apps That Are (Almost) As Good As Sunrise

Get your life under control.

Sunrise, the best calendar app ever made, is sunsetting on August 31.

If you're a Sunrise purist, just download Outlook (free, iOS and Android).

If you’re looking for a free app that also has an offline-friendly desktop option, go all in on Google Calendar (free, iOS, Android, web).

If you liked Sunrise's web app experience, Plan (free, web and iOS) is a beautiful time management tool built for your browser.

If you're an iPhone/Mac power user, Fantastical 2 ($3, iOS and $40, Mac) has every feature you'd ever need and then some.

If you need a powerful calendar with a great iPad interface, Calendars 5 ($7, iOS) is another popular app.

If you like living your life ~one day at a time~, Cal (free, iOS and Android) is clean and simple.

If you want something super minimal, go with Peek ($3, iOS).

If you're an Android power user, get DigiCal (free, Android).

If you're an Android user who values design, try SolCalendar (free, Android).

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