I Can't Stop Thinking About This Picture Of Amazon's CEO

$100 billion makes you very, um, swole apparently.

There's a photo I really want to forget about but can't.

It's the one of Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos cosplaying as Jason Statham.

"Swole Jeff Bezos" surfaced all the way back on July 13 — but I...still...feel...uncomfortable...

Bezos was in Idaho for an annual gathering of rich and powerful people. He strolled in wearing a polo that could barely contain his biceps, topped by a lightweight puffer vest.

SOMEHOW, *this* person from from the same event in 2014...

...as well as this person in 2013...

...along with this human from 2016 (just last year!)...

... Are. The. Same. Man.

Idk. Maybe that $100 billion net worth has something to do with it.

In 2017, Jeff Bezos's bicep also controlled a giant robot exoskeleton.

I just got to pilot an awesome (and huge) robot thanks to Hankook Mirae Technology. Nice! #MARS2017

It also smashed a champagne bottle to celebrate its new wind farm.

Perhaps Amazon's monopoly over e-commerce isn't the only thing to be concerned about.

Anyway. Looking forward to 2018 and forgetting about all this.

Happy to see Jeff Bezos has taken his rightful place among America's favorite bald daddies

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