How To Turn Off Instagram's Creepy "Last Active" Feature

Some people are creeped out by a new Instagram feature that shows the last time you used the app.

Instagram has a new feature that tells everybody when you're "active" (read: using the app to lurk on frenemies).

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The status shows up in Instagram direct messages, underneath the usernames of people you chatted with or recently tagged in Stories.

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You'll also see "Seen" and "Typing..." underneath messages now. 😱

Your active status isn’t visible to everyone. Only people you direct message *and* follow will see when you were last using Instagram. If you have a public account, and someone who doesn’t follow you sends you a DM, they won’t be able to see your active status.

An Instagram spokesperson said that users of app version 25 and newer will have the activity status. So if you've updated your app since December 2017, you'll have it. Users who have not updated their app, and are using version 25 and older, will not be able to see their activity status, and neither will their friends.

Some people are MAD about it.

LOL NO INSTAGRAM HAS ADDED AN ACTIVE THING? Pls no instagram is my safe place where nobody needs to know im active

omg instagram now tells you who is active and when they were last active. can we just stop making things so freaking stalker friendly...EEK

Well, thankfully, you can turn that active status on Instagram *off* (because how else are you supposed to ignore messages??).

Here's how to do it: First, tap the bottom-right profile icon.

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Then, go into the app's settings.

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On iOS devices, you'll see a settings gear in the top right corner. On Android, there's an ellipsis.

Scroll down to "Show Activity Status" and slide the toggle to turn it off.

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You'll notice you won't be able to see other users' active statuses anymore, either.

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If people can't lurk on you, you can't lurk on them. A small price to pay for a little bit o' privacy, IMO.

This new Instagram feature is similar to Facebook Messenger's equally rude Active feature — which, BTW, you can also turn off.

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(Reminder: Instagram is owned by Facebook.)

Open the Messenger app and go to the People tab on the bottom left.

Then, at the top, select Active.

Next to your profile pic and name is a toggle. Slide to hide!!

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Nicole Nguyen / BuzzFeed News

✌️ That's all for now, folks! ✌️


Text updated with comment from Instagram about which versions of the app the activity status is visible on.



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