Google Wifi Makes Wireless Internet At Home Suck Less

It’s an easy-to-use router replacement that eliminates Wi-Fi dead zones and works right out of the box.

What the heck is a mesh network?

Google Wifi doesn't look like a traditional black router.

Google Wifi is easy to set up.

Maintaining the router is easy, too.

Two killer features are device priority and the ability to adjust the device’s light brightness.

My internet was so much faster after setting up Google Wifi.

I have terrible internet at home. Like, a bottom-of-the-barrel, super cheap “Performance 25 Internet” plan from Comcast (that’s 25 mbps max speed). My roommate/boyfriend and I also, admittedly, connect way too many mobile devices to the internet. We’re talking two Kindles, two phones, two laptops, a smart speaker, a Chromecast Audio – all crammed into one 420 sq. ft. apartment.

On top of all those connected gadgets, the apartment is narrow. There's a slim hallway between the living room and kitchen, and a chest-high wall that separates the living room from the bed area. The lack of open space makes the apartment a Wi-Fi nightmare, and we’ve done a ton of finagling to get the router and its antennas in exactly the right place.

Final Thoughts

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