There's An Apple Maps Outage And People Are Lost

Pro tip: Download Google Maps.


As of 10:05 a.m. PT, Apple’s status page has been updated to show that the Apple Maps navigation and search issue is resolved.

If you're struggling with Apple Maps this morning, you're not the only one: The app is currently down.

The outage is leaving people lost and scrambling to download Google Maps.

Is anyone else’s Apple maps not working literally just got lost and almost missed my interview

Currently lost on a motorway near Liverpool, because #IPhone #Apple #Maps decide to not work (on three different devices) when I need them the most! 😡🤳🏽

me: alright apple maps lets go to my appointment apple maps: your psychiatrists office doesnt exist ☺️ me:

(Also, why are you still using Apple Maps?)

Apple's system status page shows that the navigation app is having, um, navigation and search problems.

An Apple spokesperson did not comment on the issue, and instead pointed to the system status page. According to the page, all users are affected and the system has been down since about 5:48 a.m. PT.

This is not the only time Apple Maps has messed up. After its launch, CEO Tim Cook had to publish a letter of apology, saying he was "extremely sorry" after users experienced significant glitches.

Apple replaced Google Maps as the default mapping app on iOS with its own in 2012 — but Apple Maps was so bad that it inspired a popular Tumblr, "The Amazing iOS 6 Maps," that documented Apple Maps' glorious fails.

So while Apple Maps is down, use a more reliable alternative like Google Maps or Waze.

Unless, however, you’re relying on your Apple Watch or CarPlay, for which there are no alternatives to Apple Maps. Womp.

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