Mexico City Leaders Cast Symbolic Vote To Ban Donald "El Trompas" Trump

The federal government, however, would still have to approve the city council proposal.

The Legislative Assembly of Mexico City on Wednesday cast a unanimous — albeit symbolic — vote to ban Donald Trump from the country, citing the former reality television star's "xenophobic" comments against Mexican migrants.

The local lawmaking body has no power over immigration laws, which are set by the federal government. The vote approved a formal request to the federal government to prevent the Republican frontrunner — known throughout Mexico as "El Trompas," or Mr. Elephant Trunk — from entering the country.

"In his demented race to become the Republican nominee for president, Donald Trump has shown that he despises everyone who doesn't think like him," Mauricio Toledo, a local lawmaker from the left-wing Party of the Democratic Revolution, said in a statement on the vote. "He has been rightly criticized for his comments about migrants in general and Mexican immigrants in particular."

The Legislative Assembly is not the first lawmaking body that has debated banning Trump. Last month, members of the UK parliament discussed a special measure to prevent the Republican frontrunner — whom MPs called a "fool," "buffoon," and, memorably, a "wazzock" — from setting foot in the Queen's realm.

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