Man Dies Trying To Blow Up A Condom Vending Machine

The vandal was killed by a piece of metal that was blown off of the machine.

Condoms and cash littered the streets of a German town last week, after a man detonated an explosive that destroyed a condom vending machine and wound up killing him.

The unidentified 29-year-old died Friday at a hospital in the northwestern town of Schoeppingen from injuries caused by a piece of metal that was blown off of the machine, the Associated Press reported.

The two men who brought him to the hospital originally said the victim had tripped down a flight of stairs. On Monday, however, one of them admitted that the man's injuries were caused by the explosion, police told AP.

The authorities told the wire service that the three men got into their car after triggering the explosion. The one who died apparently didn't close his door fast enough.

The men's motives were not immediately clear.

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