The People Of Amsterdam Protested Putin By Throwing Tomatoes At Each Other And It Was Awesome

Though the protest was technically held to demonstrate against the fresh produce sanction, many people turned up just to lob some overripe vegetables.

People in Amsterdam threw thousands of tomatoes at each other on Sunday to protest Russia's ban on importing food from the European Union.

The protest took place in Dam Square, a dignified space that usually looks like this...

RT @caroladevisser: Laatste #voorbereidingen over 3 #kwartier gaan we #open #tomatengevecht #manifestatie #tomatofest

...but ended up looking like this.

De dam is voor even het Rode plein #tomatengevecht

According to the Associated Press, the "protest" was basically just a messy party:

With music pumping from a podium, the participants — most of whom were wearing white before the fight started — counted down from 10 to zero. Then a shipping container full of the fruit was emptied into the arena.

Ondertussen in Oss. De tomatensoep -volgens nieuw recept- met extra balletjes wordt bereid #tomatengevecht

The event was inspired by Spain's annual La Tomatina festival, AP reports.

Attendees came prepared, with some of the brave tomato-warriors donning protective gear.

Wat was t een feest op #dam #tomatofest

Whereas others improvised weapons.

Tomatengevecht op Dam - video #tomatengevecht

Any resemblance to Dionysian sacrificial rites was, of course, purely coincidental.

#Zondag 14-sept: Groot #TomatenGevecht op de #Dam > #Occupy: We hebben #Lak aan #Poetin ! -

But for the love of Bacchus, behold those tomato-covered pectorals!

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Participants in the protest paid about $18 for the privilege of finding themselves covered in tomato slime. Though roughly 1,000 tickets were sold, only a few hundred attended.

Was echt crazy. Kwam de Dam niet meer af, OV en taxi's wilden me niet hebben, TOTALLY WORTH IT THO. #tomatofest

Proceeds from the event will be used to help Dutch tomato farmers who have been hurt by Putin's ban on importing certain foods from the European Union.

Dansjes op De Dam. In mijn onderbroek. #tomatofest

Putin's ban is itself a protest against the sanctions the West has imposed on Russia for its involvement in the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

'Living the story' inside #tomatengevecht - watch @BBCNews

Although the fight only lasted for an hour, the protesters went through 120,000 tomatoes unfit for consumption.

RT @cameramanpeter: 10.000 kg tomaten ligt klaar om al gooiend van eigenaar te wisselen. #tomatengevecht #tomatofest

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