Man Killed In Belgian Terror Raid Found With ISIS Flag As Two Suspects Remain On The Run

French and Belgian police are hunting for two terrorist suspects after a third suspect was shot by counterterrorism commandos during a Brussels raid.

A man shot dead during a counterterrorism operation in Belgium was an Algerian who was in the country illegally, officials said Wednesday.

Four police officers were injured in the Tuesday raid in Brussels after French and Belgian commandos raided an apartment they said was linked to last year’s terrorist attacks in Paris.

Belgian federal prosecutor Thierry Werts told reporters Wednesday the man was killed while firing at police from an apartment window.

His body was found alongside a Kalashnikov rifle, a book about ultra-conservative Salafist Islam, and an ISIS flag.

Two suspects remain on the run, the prosecutor's office said.

The raid, which targeted an apartment in the southern Brussels neighborhood of Forest, began early in the afternoon, CNN reported. Police were not expecting to encounter anyone inside — but someone opened fire on them through a closed door.

After the raid, the police continued to hunt for two people and closed several streets in Forest, according to the BBC.

The neighborhood is located close to Molenbeek, the Brussels district where several of the Paris gunmen lived before the attacks.

The four officers wounded in the raid were expected to survive.

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