Trump: "Obama's People, African-Americans Are Not Showing Up To Vote For Clinton"

"Nobody cares about Hillary Clinton," Trump told radio host Michael Savage.

Donald Trump contended that the election is "rigged" in various cities on New York radio host Michael Savage's show Monday.

"Nobody cares about Hillary Clinton. Obama's people aren't going to — African-Americans are not showing up to vote for Hillary Clinton," Trump told Savage.

"They like me better than they like her," Trump added. "I'll tell you what — I'm going to do a better job and certainly with the inner-cities and all of these problems that they've been lying about for years — Clinton and the Democrats. I think we're going to do great with the African-Americans."

Trump also repeated his claims that the presidential election would be "rigged," particularly in major cities: “If you look at the polls and the polling places in various cities, they’re also rigged in the cities in different places," Trump said.

Additionally, in another departure from the norms of presidential transitions, Trump floated the possibility of meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin if he won the election. "I think I could see myself meeting with Putin and meeting with Russia prior to the start of the administration. I think it would be wonderful."

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