Scott Brown: Mike Pence "Did What Donald Trump Should Have Done" In Debate

"He was strong. He was confident."

Former Massachusetts senator and Donald Trump surrogate Scott Brown praised Mike Pence's performance in the vice presidential debate Tuesday while offering veiled criticism of Trump's debating skills.

"Pence totally controlled the debate. He was strong. He was confident. He did what Donald Trump should have done and, quite frankly, needs to do in the next debate," Brown told radio host Joe Piscopo.

"I'm sure he saw Pence and recognized the glowing accolades he got after and wants to have those same accolades," Brown said in the interview.

In the first debate, Brown noted, "Trump was nervous. You could tell by the breathing," and gave him advice for the upcoming presidential debate on Sunday. "Regardless of the question, you answer it, you either say 'I agree' or 'I disagree' and 'let me tell you why' and then you go right into what you believe and you draw comparisons and contrasts between you and the other candidate," he said.

"He actually answers all these kind of gotcha, baiting, fluff-type questions when he didn't have to. And Hillary's a master."

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