Utah Republican On Trump: "He's Our Mussolini"

Rep. Chris Stewart said on Monday that he doesn't understand what Trump supporters are thinking.

Rep. Chris Stewart, a Republican from Utah, on Monday compared Donald Trump to fascist Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.

“If some of you are, I’ll just tell you now, Donald Trump supporters, then we see the world differently,” Stewart said during a forum at the University of Utah, "because I can’t imagine what someone is thinking.”

“I’m telling you, Donald Trump does not represent Republican ideals,” Stewart continued. “He’s our Mussolini.”

Stewart was one of the earliest members of congress to endorse Marco Rubio.

“So you’ve got, you know, socialists on one hand,” Stewart said, referring to Bernie Sanders, “and someone that’s whatever he is on the other hand,” referring to Trump. “And those appear to be some of the choices we have. And you know, we’ve gotta do better than that. We just have to do better than that.”

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