This Med Student Created The Insides Of The Human Body Out Of Candy

These pictures will make you want to be a cannibal.

Is it kind of messed up that I want to eat this hand? I'm more of a chocolate person. But I really want to eat this hand.

This is where your food travels when it's digested. Doesn't it make you hungry? Don't you want to eat this belly?

Well, bananas ARE good for the brain after all. Although banana candies are kinda gross: let's be real. You wouldn't be happy getting this on Halloween.

This is your mouth. Your sweet, delicious, scrumptious mouth.

This is literally eye candy.

The large intestines made from digestive biscuits. Oh, the irony!

Bagel bones are possibly the best idea ever.

This skin would go well with a nice Chianti.

I'm a fan of ear wax.

We'd be living in a perfect world if real bladders were made out of gummy bears.

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