21 Tattoos That Prove Science Is The Most Beautiful Thing Of All

Nerds rule the world.

1. This birds-of-paradise tattoo that shows us just how dramatic and beautiful the natural world really is.

@realscientists Funny you mention it - finished my bird of paradise tribute piece yesterday evening! #ScienceTattoos

2. These dopamine and serotonin tattoos that prove chemistry is fashionable.

3. This badass tattoo that honors the great Albert Einstein.

4. This tattoo of DNA synthesis that totally gives new meaning to the word "nerd."

@realscientists #ScienceTattoos got my PhD in DNA repair/synthesis summed up in tattoo form :-D

5. This tattoo that turns the building blocks of life into a work of art.

6. This evolution tattoo that actually tells us the story of humanity.

@realscientists - check out my #Evolution tattoo about the story of humanity! #ScienceTattoos

7. This trilobite tattoo that gives new life to extinct arthropods.

.@realscientists ...and a Trilobite for the #TrilobiteTuesday edition of #ScienceTattoos (Calymene celebra)

8. This anatomically correct tattoo that proves you don't need to wear your heart on you sleeves.

9. This fossil tattoo that reminds us just how powerful saber-toothed cats were.

.@realscientists I have a few #ScienceTattoos... even made it into @carlzimmer's book with this one:

10. This "holy" tattoo that reminds us to love and honor our true lord BILL NYE.

11. This tattoo that brings the moon a little closer to Earth.

Here's my black&gray portrait of the moon, by Kari Barba of #outerlimitstattoo in 1999. #STEMWomenTattoos

12. This DNA tattoo that was approved by the GUY WHO DISCOVERED THE DNA STRUCTURE.

Just me and Dr. James Watson discussing the structure of DNA!.. #tbt #STEMWomenTattoos @CorinneWeisheit @CSHLnews

13. This Necker cube tattoo that turns your arm into an optical illusion.

Found another one. A tattoo shelfie this time! Necker Cube + stimuli from my experiments. #ScienceTattoos

14. This tattoo that gives us a peek at all the marine life that depends on the coral reef.

Check out my beautiful coral reef! All about that community ecology ;) #STEMWomenTattoos

15. This tattoo of a caffeine molecule to honor all coffee-lovers.

16. This tattoo of the Lucy fossil that shows us what hominids looked like three million years ago.

17. This Pi tattoo that shows us the beauty of math.

18. This tattoo of water molecules in a vacuum that proves science and abstract art can sometimes be one of the same.

19. This zooplankton tattoo that teaches us not to ignore the smallest organisms.

20. This sound wave tattoo that makes physics look so much cooler.

21. This tattoo that makes atoms look stylishly hip.


Saber-toothed cat was the fossil displayed in number nine.

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