9 Mesmerizing GIFs Of Dangerous Storms In Tornado Alley

Storm chaser Mike Hollingshead took these images of dangerous severe weather storms in Nebraska. Amazingly, Hollingshead created the GIFs from single photos (not time-lapses or videos) using Photoshop.

1. This is what a supercell storm looks like in the middle of Nebraska.

2. They are the rarest type of thunderstorm.

3. The supercells may look eerily majestic.

4. And they're alluring to watch.

5. But the storms can easily cause destruction.

6. Because storms like these produce the majority of tornadoes.

7. Hollingshead also captured images of these severe general linear storms.

8. Storms like these are common in the summer and can produce damaging, strong winds.

9. Winter storms seem calm in comparison.

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