This Is What It's Actually Like To Live With A Person Who Studies Bugs

Entomologists talk about their badass daily routines like sleeping next to fire ants.

Entomologists recently went on Twitter to describe what it's like to live with bugs. Here's what what we learned:

1. Your kitchen will look like a magical RAINFOREST.

Living the dream #LivingWithAnEntomologist - when there's more insect species in the kitchen than the zoo! @CMBuddle

2. If anyone rummages through your underwear drawer, they'll discover a pleasant surprise.

This is my bedroom furniture..the rest of my place caries on the theme #LivingWithAnEntomologist

3. Sleeping next to fire ants will be totally normal and awesome.

here is the foot of our bed, and the fire ant nest casts I have made. #LivingWithAnEntomologist

4. And your freezer will not just be a boring storage area for food.

@CMBuddle Vials of beetles collected near @UNBC and water for today's Crooked River trip. #LivingWithAnEntomologist

5. That's because it will will turn into a science lab filled with all sorts of surprises.

Inside the freezer of Richard Levine ... #LivingWithAnEntomologist @CMBuddle

6. In fact, you won't be scared of bugs getting into your food anymore.

Having a squadron of soldier flies protecting your ice cream in the freezer. #LivingWithAnEntomologist @CMBuddle

7. Because you'll get to witness wondrous things by accident.

You know you're #LivingWithAnEntomologist when you open the fridge for some butter and find this @petercoffey

8. You'll never truly be alone in your selfies.

97% of our holiday photos of me have insects/spiders in them #LivingWithAnEntomologist (Philippines and Africa)

9. And your kids will be badasses who are not afraid of ANYTHING.

This happened in my dining room. #LivingWithAnEntomologist

10. That's because you'll start them off young. Really young.

Teaching my daughter about metamorphosis at a young age #LivingWithAnEntomologist

11. And you'll teach them valuable lessons.

When your children point out no *normal* mothers do dung sampling on the kitchen table... #LivingWithAnEntomologist

12. In fact, you'll frequently express your love in unconventional ways.

When a romantic weekend is spent chasing grasshoppers instead of drinking them. #LivingWithAnEntomologist

13. And mosquitos will even help you get laid.

@CMBuddle Collecting mosquito larvae on our honeymoon. #LivingWithAnEntomologist

14. And you'll fall in love with bees.

How many dead bees can a man misplace in your bedroom over the course of a summer? Enough. #LivingWithAnEntomologist

15. Jesus himself will even start to look like a bee after a while.

@CMBuddle My son's Sunday school work.#LivingWithAnEntomologist

16. In fact, things like this suddenly look very cute instead of very creepy.

And often I'm only in there as a measure of scale #LivingWithAnEntomologist

17. Because you'll realize many bugs are harmless, important, and totally awesome creatures.

Here a bug, there a bug, everywhere a bug, bug ... #LivingWithAnEntomologist

If you want to learn more about entomologists check out the Twitter hashtag #LivingWithAnEntomologist.

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