These Archaeologists Debunked 11 Things From "Indiana Jones"

We're only talking about the first three movies here, because Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was a travesty.

1. There are no fancy booby traps in ancient tombs, sorry.

2. In fact, archaeologists would never destroy a dig site — let alone a freakin' library — to get an artifact.

3. Snakes and other wildlife are not a huge problem for archaeologists.

4. Modern archaeologists don't buy artifacts from shady dealers at nightclubs, but it wasn't unusual during Indy's time.

5. Forget about that bullwhip. The only practical component of Indy's badass outfit is his hat.

6. The artifacts Indiana Jones coveted so dearly aren't even close to being historically accurate.

7. The Temple of Doom was racist.

8. But the Holy Grail temple in the Last Crusade was filmed at a real place: Petra, Jordan.

9. Local bandits can be dangerous, but lawyers actually cause more problems for archaeologists.

10. Indiana Jones would probably end up in jail.

11. And real archaeologists can probably drink Marion under the table.

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