14 Of The Greatest Human Body Flaws

The human body is still beautiful, even though we have a weird genital and anus situation going on.

1. You have a blind spot in each of your eyes.

2. Your wisdom teeth causes a whole bunch of problems.

3. If you have balls, they hang outside your body where — let's face it — they're pretty vulnerable.

4. Wiggling your ears is completely useless.

5. Now let's talk about the biggest mystery of all time — male nipples.

6. You had gill-like structures in the womb.

7. You can choke really easily because there's only a little flap of tissue covering your windpipe when you eat.

8. Speaking of choking, you can't really go that long without oxygen.

9. You can't naturally synthesize vitamin C.

10. Your pelvis really gets in the way of giving birth.

11. If you were born male, your prostate might cause some issues when you're older.

12. There are way too many bones in your feet.

13. Your anus and genitals are too close together.

14. Finally, this is probably our greatest flaw:

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