Celebrity Chefs Announced June 25 As “Bourdain Day” On Anthony Bourdain’s Birthday

In honor of the food connoisseur and world traveler, happy Bourdain Day.

A pair of celebrity chefs have gone on social media to cement Anthony Bourdain’s legacy into history by making June 25 “Bourdain Day.”

Bourdain would have turned 63 on Tuesday. In a short Instagram video, his fellow chefs Eric Ripert and José Andrés commemorated Bourdain by wishing him a happy birthday.

They are calling on their followers to celebrate his legacy by using the hashtag #BourdainDay.

“We hope that everybody is going to be celebrating in every place around the world, and they’re going to be putting the video up,” said Andrés, raising his beer mug in celebration.

“Yes, with the hashtag #BourdainDay,” Ripert said, before the group toasted their drinks around plates of food.

Following the post, thousands of tributes poured in through social media, utilizing the hashtag to share the impact that Bourdain had on their lives.

One person quoted Bourdain in their post, saying, “Walk in someone else’s shoes or at least eat their food. It’s a plus for everybody.”

“Walk in someone else's shoes or at least eat their food. It's a plus for everybody." Happy birthday to the man who showcased humanity from across the globe and inspired many to travel and to eat outside of their comfort zones. #BourdainDay

Bourdain’s CNN colleague Christiane Amanpour tweeted that she wanted to remember “the grand adventures he took us on.”

Anthony Bourdain departed this earth a year ago. Today I join his friends and colleagues to remember his birthday, and celebrate his life and the grand adventures he took us on. #BourdainDay

Journalist David Simon wrote that he is participating in the tribute, but the death of his friend is “still so raw.”

I want to participate in #BourdainDay on Tuesday, his birthday. And I will. But man, it's still so raw. Watching some of his television, dining at his favorites, missing this very fine friend -- is it me, or is it still hard for other folks? I'll rally for the day. But damn.

Others have used this day to shed awareness on mental health and suicide.

Comic book artist Matthew Dow Smith tweeted a thread on his own experience with depression and how Bourdain’s show helped him to feel “more grounded.”

“Ironically, what I often used to do when I was feeling really down, really disconnected from the world, I would blow off work for a day and sit watching Anthony Bourdain’s NO RESERVATIONS for hours. Something about it made me feel more grounded, more in control…” tweeted Smith.

Still can't wrap my head around the fact that Anthony Bourdain is no longer with us, but in honor of #BourdainDay, a quick thread for people who might need to hear a few things...

Ripert and Andrés announced last week they were also cementing Bourdain’s legacy with the creation of the Anthony Bourdain ’78 Legacy Scholarship, granted by Bourdain’s alma mater, the Culinary Institute of America.

The scholarship will be used to “assist students to undertake journeys of their own, and to take advantage of international exposure programs as a part of their education at the Institute.”

“The career of Chef Bourdain is a testament to the great power that travel can have in a culinary education — and in a full life,” the school wrote about the award.

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