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Yahoo Holding A Yard Sale For Dormant Domain Names is going for a cool one million dollars.

Posted on November 13, 2013, at 1:48 p.m. ET

Robert Galbraith / Reuters

Not unlike people with unused junk lying around the house, Yahoo has decided to have a yard sale — except instead of ripped sofas and broken dressers, it is selling off dormant domain names.

Kevin Kramer, Yahoo's Deputy General Counsel, announced Wednesday in a post titled "Domainapalooza!" on the company's Tumblr that it would be selling off a slew of its unused domain names, among them,,, and

The blog post said that the week-long auction will begin on Thursday and feature "over a hundred premium domain names." The auction site currently lists 29 domains that will be up for grabs. Some, like, are obviously more clickable than other listings like

Kramer explained that the company decided to "set them free" in order to help "spark some brand new ideas or companies." No matter the reason for the auction, Yahoo is set to pick up a nice bit of cash for their unused sites, which all currently link back to a Yahoo search bar. The minimum offer Yahoo is taking for is $1 million, perhaps because the seemingly innocuous domain actually lends itself perfectly to some kind of adult video outfit.

If Yahoo can get what they're asking for the first batch of these sites — about a fifth of the total amount of sites expected to be put on auction — they can pick up some quick cash. At their minimum prices, Yahoo would gross $1.8 million for the initial 29 domains up for sale and more than $3.2 million at their maximum prices.

Kramer's post was even accompanied by a GIF that showcased some of the most notable domains for sale (see below):