New York Times Tech Reporter Will Be Allowed to Keep Toilet Bear Twitter Avatar

"No, that is unlikely; seems fine to us."

On Thursday, New York Times Business Editor Dean Murphy and Technology Editor Suzanne Spector announced to the paper's staff that Re/Code's Mike Isaac would be joining the NYT as a tech reporter.

It had some people wondering if The Times would make Isaac change his Twitter picture — which is of the Charmin mascot — because of some conflict in the paper's lengthy ethics policy:

Oh they're gonna make him change the toilet bear.

lol shut up no way charmin bear works for the nyt

Times spokesperson Eileen Murphy told BuzzFeed they would make Isaac do no such thing:

No, that is unlikely; seems fine to us.
And to me (I'm no expert), it's not entirely obvious that this is actually the 'Charmin' bear.

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