Sam Rockwell Said "Fuck" On SNL Saturday Night And Colin Jost Followed It Up With "Shithole"

He just got really into character, y'know?

So, Sam Rockwell hosted Saturday Night Live last night, and he totally dropped the F-bomb on live TV.

The sketch, called "Science Is Fun" featured Rockwell as a frustrated children's TV show host. The word slips out at about 2:47 minutes in.

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The video posted on YouTube by NBC has the sound drop out, but viewers watching in real time heard it before the show had a chance to bleep for their repeat West Coast broadcast.

Rockwell's reaction was pretty great — seamless and totally felt appropriate in the moment. ACTING.


It wasn't the only word that the FCC considers "profane" viewers heard during the broadcast. Weekend Update's Colin Jost made a point to say shithole while reporting NBC's request that the show use the more TV-friendly "S-hole."

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Good news for both Rockwell and Jost? The FCC's notoriously hefty fines shoudn't apply here, as the show aired after 10pm.

Let's see that one more time.

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