People Can't Stop Laughing At This Ridiculous Statue Of Robert Mugabe

"Looks like Superman taking off...drunk."

There comes a time in every dictator’s life when he realizes he needs to foist a larger-than-life statue of himself onto an innocent, unsuspecting public.

After 36 years in power, Robert Mugabe has finally obliged the people of Zimbabwe. The result is...well, judge for yourself.

I can't stop laughing. The bravery of making such a thing & stand with it. This is career suicide!!! #MugabeStatue

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The statue was unveiled last week amid mounting anger and protests against the strongman who has ruled since independence in 1980.

Zim are trying to tell Robert Mugabe how much they hate him in a very polite manner, giving him a horrible statue.

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The 92-year-old has also commissioned two giant bronze statues of himself, at a reported cost of $5 million, that have yet to be unveiled.

There were more than a few comparisons between the image of Mugabe and the Last Son of Krypton.

Superman in the style of The Simpsons! Love it. Laughed till I cried #MugabeStatue

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Lol @TrendingSAon3 that #MugabeStatue looks like Superman taking off, drunk

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But Mugabe, whose followers have likened him to "Jesus Christ," is reportedly thrilled by the results.

"This is wonderful art and the artists naturally are gifted," he told the state-owned Herald during a ceremony on Saturday, where a second statue was also unveiled.

When u try and Piss someone off and he's liking it instead!

"Their work has gone deep in our hearts. In a way to see oneself reproduced this's something that should be more appreciated than just by saying thank you."

But a mixture of suspicion and sympathy has fallen on Dominic Benhura, the sculptor of the piece, whose abstract style has been largely praised in the past.

That #MugabeStatue has nothing 2 do with Dominic Benhura 😂, it has everything 2 do with Mugabe #ThisStatue

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Some wondered if the sculptor, who looked terrified throughout the whole event, was forced into making the 3-ton folly against his will.

Is that the sculptor on the right? Looks like he's weighing up his choices for his last meal. #MugabeStatue

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Others wondered if Benhura isn't part of #Tajamuka, a youth movement pushing for Mugabe to step down amid growing opposition to his 36-year-long rule.

The sculptor who did the #MugabeStatue is a member of #Tajamuka

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Benhura has brushed off criticism. “I took up the challenge and did my best,” he told AFP.

“That sculpture was never meant to look exactly as the president’s image. This is the style I have mastered,” he told the Zimbabwe Herald.

Still others speculated that the unbalanced statue was, in fact, a genius political sleight of hand by the artist.

Almost falling #MugabeStatue symbolises times ahead.Propping and bootlicking him won't stop the juggernaut of change

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Robert Mugabe has just been scupturally insulted and he has not figured it out. SMH 👇🏿

If so, people hoped it wouldn't backfire on him.

The poor chap is probably at Chikurubi prison by now #MugabeStatue

In the past, the strongman has reportedly fired bodyguards who failed to stop him from tripping over.

Mugabe loyalists were quick to defend the statue, accusing those who didn't appreciate it of misunderstanding the art form.

Great Pres Mugabe appreciates artists. This sculpture of him by a Mashava group is great!

But generally people are too busy laughing to ~really~ be angry.

You know what... I was filled with so much outrage about a new #MugabeStatue... Until I saw it! #TrendingSA

Dictators everywhere, take heed!

Seriously Mugabe,if your gonna be a dictator demand only the best statues to showcase you megalomania #MugabeStatue

When Saddam,Idi,Kim and Gaddafi saw #MugabeStatue

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