Bobby Jindal Said He Doesn't Worry About Low Poll Numbers

Jindal currently polls last among a group of 14 both declared and potential Republican candidates.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal told radio host Michael Medved that he's not concerned about his low poll numbers that would currently exclude him from the Republican primary debates beginning later this summer.

In an interview earlier today, Gov. Jindal said "I don't worry about poll numbers" after the host asked why he was polling outside of the "top tier" of Republican candidates. Jindal said he'd made an official decision about his candidacy after the Louisiana legislative session ends in mid-June.

Medved pressed Jindal on whether it was fair for Fox News (which will host the first Republican primary debate on Aug. 6) to limit debate participation to the top 10 candidates determined by an average of last five national polls.

"Obviously, I can't control that. If we get in this, we get in this to win this," Jindal said. "When I got into my first race, we were at 2% which is within the margin of error which is — you know, you could be at zero at that point."

"I think it is a good thing on the Republican side that we've got so many choices," he continued. "I think Democrats are making a mistake simply by doing a coronation process for Hillary Clinton. I think Republican primary voters, the ones I've talked to would resent any attempt to clear the field."

According to the RealClearPolitics polling average, Jindal ranks last among a group of 14 both declared and potential Republican presidential candidates with just 1.3%.

Yesterday, Jindal criticized Sen. Rand Paul for comments he made about the Islamic State, posting a statement on his "Office of the Governor" website declaring Paul "unsuited to be Commander-in-Chief."

"I think this a very important election. It won't be about one-liners or debates or just TV ads," Jindal told Medved of 2016 election. "It really is going to be who is the candidates best positioned, best qualified, best able to get our country back on the right path to make sure that American dream is there for our children."

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