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26 Reasons Why The World Needs Instagram

Instagram isn't just for useless, stupid pictures of your food or feet at the beach.

Posted on July 9, 2012, at 4:16 p.m. ET

1. Because some dude is driving with a lizard on his chest in the car next to you:

2. Because you just put a wig on your dog:

3. Because you just put a wig on your cat:

4. Because you just saw a really weird/amazing license plate:

5. Because you just took a picture of your TV screen:

6. Because your cat is watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians:

7. Because you saw a kid on a leash:

8. Because you saw something that makes absolutely no sense at all:

9. Chinchillas eating Doritos:

10. Because a natural disaster is happening in your backyard and you REALLY need your 40 instagram friends to know about it:

11. Because you were in Wal-Mart and you saw some guy walking an alligator:

12. Because your dog looks really cute in a bonnett:

13. Because your cupcakes somehow exploded?

14. Because you found a chicken nugget that is shaped like a penis:

15. It's your cat's birthday:

16. You found an unforgivable spelling mistake:

17. More weird/unexplainable cat pics:

18. Because you were walking down the street and saw a pug and a baby having a moment:

19. Because you were walking down the street and saw some guy climbing an Olive Garden:

20. Because some old lady is playing a piccolo in the airport:

21. Because you just saw some weird guy on the street:

22. Because you just saw some weird lady at the mall:


This lady is walking two balloon pets.

23. Because you saw a car with waaay too many bumper stickers:

24. Because you saw a car belonging to a hoarder:


Seriously, what is up with hoarder cars?

25. Because Oprah needs a place to post pictures of herself covered in a blue silicon face mask:

26. Because corgis: