Fab Or Drab At The Democratic National Convention

All of the fabbest and drabbest looks of the DNC! Check 'em out.

FAB: This lady wearing a straight-brimmed Obama hat

DRAB: Donkey head lady

FAB: This Minnie Mouse Obama/Biden ear hat

DRAB: This guy with a spiky blonde wig visor

FAB: This.


FAB: This dog

DRAB: This dog

FAB: A tiny hat

DRAB: Red lady

FAB: This blazer with googly eyes

FAB: This pose

DRAB: This sequined visor

DRAB: This color mess

DRAB: (Another) 1920s guy

FAB: This Barack and Michelle silhouette vest

DRAB: This rainbow tentacle hat

FAB: This lady wearing a flag

DRAB: Garland America necklace lady

FAB: Obama yarmulke boy

DRAB: Yes we can yes we can yes we can yes we can yes we can vest

FAB: Bee lady

DRAB: This priest

FAB: Lady in blue

DRAB: Steampunk pin seller dude

FAB: This cowboy from Idaho

DRAB: This street preacher

FAB: Tie dye man

DRAB: This occupy guy's pants

FAB: Texas cane man

FAB: Loretta Harper

FRAB: This hat

FAB: Buffalo soldier dude


FAB: Obobblehead hat


FAB: This Michelle Obama dress

FAB: Uterus hat girl


FAB: Feather hat Obama lady

All photos taken by Matt Stopera

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